Born and brought up in Raigarh, Saket is a photographer by profession. He completed his undergrad in BCom from MATS University, Raipur. His father was a tech savvy so, growing up, he always had gadgets and cameras around him. He had had interest in photography for as long as he can remember. Initially, when he told his family that he wanted to pursue a career in photography they objected to it, so he had to sell his phone to buy a professional camera.

Cameras fascinated him forever, so he started learning photography courses from youtube. He used to call up the local photographers and studios in order to learn from them. Though he faced a lot of rejections, he never let that down himself. Working in the Bollywood industry was his lifelong dream, and you know what they say “if you can dream it, you can do it” and Saket is living proof of this quote. He shifted to Mumbai and used to work as an assistant photographer in big shows. But his work was so good that he got highlighted in the production manager’s eyes. He has shot five seasons of MTV Unplugged and three seasons of Koffee with Karan simultaneously. Apart from that he has even shot many award shows, worked with Shermaroo, and recorded the entire second season of Ted Talk. Slowly, the wheels turned around and people used to get in touch with him, to learn from him and that was when he felt content. Saket’s key to success was his hard work, determination and never-ending love for his passion. He considers himself lucky to be working his passion as his profession. He believes that like a camera, one should focus on one thing at a time. Follow one dream and do it passionately. Learning has no age and you can learn from anyone of any age is his belief in life.