Saket Mehta from Raigarh, working as a Celebrity Photographer in Mumbai. Photography caught my interest first when I was a final year student. I talked to my parents about it but they were not that supportive that time so, I had to sell my phone and borrow a little money from my grandfather to buy a DSLR. To learn about it in depth, I tried contacting various photographers from different parts of Raipur, but no one came ahead to help me out. After this I thought of pursuing a course in Photography which was really expensive and then I also needed a professional camera for it. Now, this brought me in a dilemma, as my father couldn’t afford both at the same time. I chose the camera — Now, the question arose that how would I learn?

I moved to Mumbai for work, where I contacted over 100 photographers, and regularly followed up, but to no avail. After this, I started assisting Wedding Photographers, Studio Photographers, etc. Also, I realised a lot of times they would just call me for my camera and not my skills. Later, I got an opportunity to assist a Photographer who was shooting a renowned television show and that became a turning point of my career as I was spotted by it’s production house. But again, the way Bollywood seems from¬†outside is not what it is. Gradually, with time I learnt a lot of lessons, met people, had my part of good and bad experiences and evolved day by day doing shoots back to back!

I am now the lead Photographer in shows like MTV Unplugged, Coke Studio, Koffee with Karan, IIFA Awards, Gima Awards and the list goes on and on! The TED Talks India Shah Rukh Khan is what I cherish the most. Today I’m happy about all these but still not content, I feel there’s lot to explore and learm. I really want to be a part of the movie making process. It’s not just a work for a survival but the reason to get up in the morning and find an another amazing shot.