Saket Mehta Photography

About Us

Welcome To SKT Photography

I desire to take my professionalism to always higher levels and to share my passion with others of our kind and to exceed your expectations at every level.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide outstanding service, remove limitations on creativity by offering customized photography sessions based on the customer’s vision in a comfortable setting capturing your personality and natural expressions while minimizing your flaws with an enjoyable experience of yours in front of the camera.


“I build dreams inside Camera”

Photography to me is something that gives me creative expressions; enabling me to weave dreams out of real moments. Photography has taught me how one can strike work relationships with people in a matter of a few minutes and actually have a lot of time.  The pursuit of excellence is a drug I have gotten addicted to and it is my desire to deliver excellence in all my shots. I give photos nurture with love and creativity with innovative concepts.