Human Of Chhattisgarh

Saket Mehta from Raigarh, working as a Celebrity Photographer in Mumbai. Photography caught my interest first when I was a final year student. I talked to my parents about it but they were not that supportive that time so, I had to sell my phone and borrow a little money from my grandfather to buy […]

Meet Saket Mehta

Born and brought up in Raigarh, Saket is a photographer by profession. He completed his undergrad in BCom from MATS University, Raipur. His father was a tech savvy so, growing up, he always had gadgets and cameras around him. He had had interest in photography for as long as he can remember. Initially, when he told his family that he wanted to pursue a career in photography they objected to it, so he had to sell his phone to buy a professional camera.


Liked by devsanyal and 4,479 others vishaldadlani1 A picture by Saket Mehta, house photographer on the set of #TheStage3. Hard to believe tomorrow’s the finale, the last day of shoot for this season. You guys’ll see it on the weekend, but we’re gonna have to live the agony and the ecstasy, tomorrow. Please wish the […]


Liked by devsanyal, monicadogra and 10,113 others vishaldadlani1 @monicadogra , you are all kinds of magic! Both, your talent & your heart are inimitable. Whether you and I are on stage together, or on #TheStage3 together, you always make me better. I love you, homie! #TheStage3Finale on @Colorsinfinitytv SatSun 8pm. Picture by @sktmehta (Saket Mehta).

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