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Vishal Dadlani and Monica Dogra

Liked by devsanyal, monicadogra and 10,113 others vishaldadlani1 @monicadogra , you are all kinds of magic! Both, your talent & your heart are inimitable. Whether you and I are on stage together, or on #TheStage3 together, you always make me better. I love you, homie! #TheStage3Finale on @Colorsinfinitytv SatSun 8pm.

Picture by @sktmehta (Saket Mehta).

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Liked by devsanyal and 4,479 others vishaldadlani1 A picture by Saket Mehta, house photographer on the set of #TheStage3. Hard to believe tomorrow's the finale, the last day of shoot for this season. You guys'll see it on the weekend, but we're gonna have to live the agony and the ecstasy, tomorrow. Please wish the five of us as much luck as you do, our Artists. We have the hard task of culling 3 of our own top 4, and picking only one winner from amongst thousands, and then we also have to deal with the fact that we won't

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Monica Dogra

Liked by monicadogra and 431 others cindy_jourdain Adding a little drama to #TheStage3 with @monicadogra powerful lyrics #Spell. There's a time for everything, deep, dark, visceral, ugly and it's ok ,in fact in retrospect this is often the most beautiful part of a creative journey for most artists. Manage, don't manage, let it be, pretty sure one day it will serve us all! " banging coal into silver - jump in the Fen to cleanse my liver - sweat it all out until it glitters - climb up the mountain from the gutter........ This is how, I'll caste my spell, make you want me, you'll want me, just watch me...... I'II mock my reign, say I run this town, til you see me, you'll see me, just watch me..." to @sktmehta | #spell #monicadogra #newsingle #musicartist #singer Heinoinaoontoet #donna #donoor Hobaronaronhor

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vishaldadlani & henna.akhtar

Liked by vishaldadlani1, henna.akhtar and 263 others devsanyal With my brother @ehsaan at #thestage3 finale. What a season this was. Some of the craziest talent we have seen across 3 seasons and one of the most unreal finale performances of all time. Watch us Sat & Sun 8pm @colorsinfinitytv pic by @sktmehta our in-house photographer who's made us pose all thru season 3 

devsanyal @kingsir_rish pls be cos that's all we want. More and more people from different regions coming on board

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